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We WELCOME the public and contractors to come enjoy the gardens of Greenspring Nursery, Stone and Gifthouse. We strive to supply the materials you are searching for; to make your home, garden or job the best it can be! We are a destination place that is worth the trip!

Custom Landscape Designs in Jarrettsville, Maryland

Whole View Of White House - Landscaping Materials in Jarrettsville, MD
Front Ladder Landscaping Materials in Jarrettsville, MD
Entrance View Of House Landscaping Materials in Jarrettsville, MD
Mini Park Landscaping Materials in Jarrettsville, MD
Mini Park Landscaping Materials in Jarrettsville, MD
Greenspring Nursery Stone and Gifthouse has been designing high quality landscapes for 21 years in Harford County and surrounding areas. If you have a new house or need to update your existing landscape please give us a call for an appointment.

For you Do-It-Yourselfer's, we are here to help you make your dreams for the garden become reality.

An appointment is the best way to start. 410-893-2307

Landscape Design Appointment - Come in prepared:

  • Presenting proper measurements is pertinent to the process. This is the site sketched out determining the size of pre-existing beds, or potential areas of development. We like to focus on one area at a time, giving special attention to details and discuss future plans for the garden.

  • Pictures of the site will give an overview of your situation.

  • Next will come notes on cultural information about your situation: we need to know how much sun the area gets, drainage information; which includes soil conditions, also consider air movement- is it windy (particularly in the winter?)

  • We want to know what you desire to accomplish in the area: Are you looking for color, texture and interest? Or are you striving for privacy, have a tough situation, or just need a change in the landscape.

  • With all of this information we will strive to fulfill your needs with a design that is easy to follow and incorporates the proper plant for the proper place. We keep in mind what the future will bring for the individual plants, and how they work together in the garden.
Our goal is that you will be very satisfied with the final outcome, and will become an advocate for us. We want you to feel good about the projects headed your way, and let us supply you with the goods you desire.