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A captivating scene of nature's beauty featuring various plant materials. In the foreground, vibrant wildflowers in red, yellow, and purple are surrounded by evergreens and conifers, adding year-round greenery. Towering trees with lush foliage, including Japanese maple and magnolias, stand majestically in the middle ground, creating dappled shade. A dense thicket of shrubs and bushes, including evergreen shrubs, provides privacy and shelter. Rolling hills covered in lush grasses in the distance, along with more conifers and evergreens, create a serene backdrop. A babbling brook winds through the scene, reflecting the surrounding vegetation. A breathtaking display of the diversity and magnificence of the natural world, showcasing the beauty of different plant materials in harmony.
Spring is in the Air!
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In business since 1988, Greenspring is the ideal destination for all of your landscaping needs. Choose from a wide variety of plants, plant material, and numerous stone options. Greenspring can bring your dream garden to life! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you get you started or finish a landscaping project. In addition, enjoy a unique shopping experience at Greenspring Gift House, located adjacent to the nursery. You'll find the gift house full of an array of handbags, fine jewelry, home goods, ladies accessories, and much more!

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